We offer Air Charter Flights from Kingston Jamaica to Montego Bay Jamaica.

Book a Jamaica Air Charter Flight!

Take a vacation or business trip without all the hassles of the airport!

  • Prices: Group Charter flights tend to be less expensive than commercial flights.

  • Flexibility: Fares for charter flights do not carry most of the stringent restrictions that are imposed with commercial flights. These include specific advance-purchase and minimum- or maximum-stay requirements.

  • Clarity of prices: Many charter fares are not subject to the typical legacy airline fare-class distinctions. However, charters we tend to discount unsold seats closer to the departure date.

  • Less hassle: Our Charter flights are usually direct.

Increase your business without DELAYS!

Every minute you spend away from your desk is a cost to your company.
  1. Safety: Caribbean Air Charter Jamaica's Fleet of Aircraft are all kept to the highest FAA/JCA standards.

  2. Location: Caribbean Air Charter Maintains a Fixed Base Operation at Tinson Pen Airport in Kingston, Jamaica.

  3. Savings: If time is money then you will want to save that time with Caribbean Air Charter.


Stay ahead of the competition!

  1. Direct flights from Kingston to Montego Bay or anywhere you want to fly.

  2. Avoid lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs.

  3. Flexible schedules mean that if your meetings run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting.

  4. Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft.

Unlike the scheduled flights of most major U.S. carriers, charter flights generally take place outside normal schedules. Seats on our charter flights can be sold individually, as part of a vacation package, or business trip. Please call our office (876-312-1119) or use our online form. Or, you can charter an entire plane for a group (or an individual). All Charter flights are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for safety along with the JCA Jamaican Civil Aviation.

Lear 35A
Cabin Height: 4'4"
Length: 12'9"
Width: 4'9"
Baggage Space: 30 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 45,000 feet
Max Speed: 530 mph

BeechJet 400
Cabin Height: 4'9"
Length: 15'6"
Width: 4'11"
Baggage Space: 59 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 41,000 feet
Max Speed: 490 mph

KingAir B200
Cabin Height: 4'9"
Length: 16'7"
Width: 4'6"
Baggage Space: 55 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 35,000 feet
Max Speed: 310 mph

KingAir C90
Cabin Height: 4'9"
Length: 12'7"
Width: 4'9"
Baggage Space: 53.5 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 30,000 feet
Max Speed: 242 mph

Cabin Height: 4'10"
Length: 16'11"
Width: 5'0"
Baggage Space: 40 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 30,000 feet
Max Speed: 320 mph

Piper Navajo Chieftain
Cabin Height: 4'3"
Length: 10'9"
Width: 4'2"
Baggage Space: 63 cubic feet
Max Altitude: 12,500 feet
Max Speed: 230 mph